Business Process Management

The goal of the BPM platform by Tetra Solution is to improve the quality and speed of communication action through file and process monitoring as well as relevant reporting.

Process Management (BPM) is a system that meets the detailed business requirements. This system works in conjunction with other subsystems that will be centrally implemented on the system server.

Without using the BPM system, it is thought to realize (1) the standardization of the flow of activities associated with a file, (2) the movement of the process of updating the file state directly to the person performing the prosecution, and (3) to automate the whole process of reporting and file tracking.

  • Improve organization performance by managing and optimizing internal and external processes
  • Deliver smart and innovative services to people, based on well-structured and valuable processes
  • Promote transparency

  • Quick Identification of Different Phases of Practices
  • Generate reports for different activity indicators

System Features

  • Identify issues
  • Standartise the way workflow happens

  • Monitor and measure the dynamic of organization based on smart dashboard of processess
  • Traces processes and participants


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