Parking Solutions

With SKIDATA you can develop your parking space to a viable winner with skills and readiness. Take advantage of our interrupted interaction between hardware, software and web based services for your success. Barrier gates, parking columns, tickets, POS and automatic payment machines from SKIDATA offer you reliable and secure technology in the future. It all comes along with the management of the parking space that not only meets your immediate needs but brings your future plans to life.

  • High comfort level for consumers and operators
  • Automation lowers manual performance, reduces costs, minimizes downtime
  • Functionality with almost no interruption even in extreme conditions
  • Consultancy and support services from expert consultants
  • Efficient ticketing

System features

  • Easy integration of other systems
  • Automatic integration into CRM and ERP systems
  • Automatic integration into CRM and ERP systems
  • Different payment options


A passionate person has faith, and faith creates value for himself and others

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