Financial sector

Financial Sector

One strategic field for Tetra Solutions is undoubtedly financial institutions. Just some of the challenges these institutions face include an ever more competitive market, demanding customers and the need to adjust procedures in order to ensure regulatory compliance at all times. Well aware of just how important integrated IT systems are for such institutions, Tetra Solutions offers a bundle of top quality services that help it implement solutions specifically tailored to this sector.

Tetra Solutions solutions address all core functionalities like leasing, factoring and collections by incorporating contemporary banking practices and state-of-the-art technologies (technologies that the world’s largest financial institutions have made strategic investments in) or horizontal solutions (ERPCRMHRM, etc.) specifically configured and tailored to suit the financial sector’s needs.

Given its unparalleled expertise in the field, Tetra Solutions has been able to build long-lasting partnerships with a large number of financial institutions.

  • Credit Facilities Management Systems (CFMS)
  • E-payment Management – Payment Gateway
  • Property Management System
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Document / Workflow and Register Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP
  • Human Resources Management (HRM) Systems
  • IP telephony solutions
  • Speech Technologies


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